Selecting a Real Estate Agent

Key Information to Gain from Real Estate Agent Interview

By Joan O’Meara


Establishing a trusted partnership with a professional agent will give your sales process a strong foundation. It will help you make sound decisions based on facts, history and current market analysis. Keep in mind selecting an agent is based on so much more than the highest price for which an agent states your house can sell—pricing strategy is critical to a successful sale.


In order to select the right agent for you, it’s a good idea to interview 2 or 3 agents.  The best bet here is to be armed with the right questions to get at key points of information that you need to know as you go through this process. You could even send the agent the questions before you meet so they can come prepared with the information/answers.


Some sample interview questions include:

How long have you been a realtor?

Number of transactions/total sales volume last year?

Average Days on Market for your listings compared to other agents?

Sale price to list price ratio vs. market?

What is the agent’s process re: pricing?

Sample/types of properties agent handles?

Number of clients currently representing?

Can you provide references?

Can you provide your resume and/or profile?

What makes you different than other agents?


Other pertinent information to discuss with agent:

Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) — basis for evaluation for Buyers and/or Sellers

Knowledge of market trends

Solo agent or supported by team

How the property be marketed

How fee works

Cancellation policy

Communication vehicles – agent accessibility

Insight into any drawbacks of property (This will demonstrate if agent has a seasoned, keen eye and is honest. Shows that agent will seek out your best interest.)

Joan O'Meara
Joan O'Meara
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