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If you are looking for a quiet retreat in Westchester County, Rye Brook may be the right choice for you. The verdant village is a small 3.5 square-mile, narrow track of land centered between Harrison, Port Chester and Greenwich, Conn. The village although small is filled with beautiful homes and great natural charm. Rye Brook village is home to many residents looking for a peaceful retreat with a convenient commute.

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The village of Rye Brook was formerly a part of the larger town of Rye. The town of Rye was founded as early as 1660, but it didn't receive its name of "Rye" until 1665. It was named such because the ancestors of the early settlers there immigrated from Rye, England.  However, Rye Brook is counted as Westchester’s newest municipality. Until July 7, 1982. It had been the last remaining unincorporated area in the town of Rye. The area of Rye Brook and the town of Rye were originally settled by colonists. Many of these colonists migrated from Rye, in Sussex, England and through a treaty with the Mohican Native American chief, Shenarockwell began life in the new world.

Parks and Recreation

Rye Brook Village maintains many parks and recreational facilities. There are six main parks throughout Rye Brook, and together they total approximately 100 acres of parkland. The parks include Pine Ridge Park, Garabaldi Park, Rye Hills Park, Harkness Park, Crawford Park and the Rye Brook-King Street Athletic Fields. 

Attractions and Activities

Of course, the Rye Brook is a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors. The natural beauty of the landscape and the large swathes of trees and wildlife offer Rye Brook residents a wonderful backdrop for activities such as hiking, horseback riding and bird watching. Many residents hike in the Rye Nature Center and the Audubon Center in nearby Greenwich. Golf is also a popular activity in Rye Brook. The Doral Golf Club, a popular destination, offers golfers plenty of golf courses as well as social entertainment which may pertain to a variety of interests. 


Rye Brook is a small but active community.  There is no physical city center in Rye Brook but there is a community center. The small and insular community is a tightly connected through community events. The community posts is calendar of events online so that all interested parties can stay current with the latest meetings and events taking place so that they may participate in them if they wish. 
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