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Rye Neck is located in the larger community of Mamaroneck. The eastern part of Mamaronneck lies in the Town of Rye and is known as Rye Neck.  Rye Neck also partially contains a portion of the westernmost piece of the Town of Rye.

Rye Neck is a wonderful area for families. The Rye Neck school district has four schools located on three different campuses. The Rye Neck Union Free School District is one of the oldest districts in the state. Known for its up to date technology the schools in Rye Neck have been recognized nationality for their excellence. Of the 87 students who graduated last year from Rye Neck High School, 80 percent went to attend a four-year college, and 18 percent to two-year colleges. Rye Neck High School students who took the SAT exams scored well above the the state averages with an average score of 585 on the verbal and 589 on the math section.

If you're looking to move to a charming residential community within Westchester County, then you may want to take a look at the Rye Neck homes on the market. There are many homes for sale in Rye Neck ranging from traditional to more modern styles. 


In 1890, residents of the area surrounding the Mamaroneck River realized a new village must be incorporated joining the two areas surrounding the River. The problem with incorporating a new village was that the residents lived in two towns, the Town of Mamaroneck and the Town of Rye.

The Village of Mamaroneck was officially incorporated in 1895 following a growing realization by the residents on both sides of the Mamaroneck River that the growing community needed to evolve from a rural farming community to a commercial village.Today the area, located in the Town of Rye, is known as Rye Neck.

Parks and Recreation

Because Rye Neck is a combination of homes located both within the Town of Mamaroneck and within the Town of Rye, the recreational amenities will largely depend on which Town your residency is in.

Rye Neck homes in the Town of Rye will have access to all that the Town of Rye Parks and Recreation Department has to offer residents. The Recreation Department offers programs for people of all ages, from children to seniors. Examples of the types of programs that residents can partake in include summer camp for children, golf camp for adults and dodge ball night. Of course, the parks also feature all the amenities which you would expect at parks, from pavilions to softball fields. 

Rye Neck homes which are located within the Town of Mamaroneck will have access to the Recreational facilities of the Town of Mamaroneck. These facilities include, Parks, Ice Skating, an aquatics program and access to a year-round pool, Tennis, playgrounds, an outdoor swimming pool complex, competitive sports including Hockey and more.

Attractions and Activities

Nature lovers and bird watchers alike will love some of the areas wetlands. Otter Creek, one of the Rye Neck areas nature preserves, is not just scenic but is a productive tidal marsh. Otter Creek provides an essential habitat for migratory birds and stabilizes the shoreline as it protects the land against erosion and filters pollutants from water that drains into Long Island Sound.

As an important resource for wildlife the preserve features more than 100 species of plants, abundant marine and terrestrial life, and more than 100 species of birds. Here birdwatchers, photographers and hikers alike can enjoy the extraordinary diversity of birds, Make sure to bring your binoculars and take time to examine the different habitats contained in this urban jewel.  

Rye Neck residents will also have convenient access to the Marshlands Conservatory, an extensive saltwater marsh. The Marshlands Conservatory is a top birding area located on 173 acres and featuring 3 miles of easy to navigate and well maintained trails as well as a nature center.

The Conservatory is packed with wildlife in unique and varying habitats. In the Marshlands over 300 species of birds have been found. At the conservatory visitors may also enjoy hiking, bird-watching and cross-county skiing. Watch out for marsh wrens, seaside sparrows, american woodcocks, wild turkeys. 

For an interesting and historic outing check out the Whitby Castle built in 1852. The historic castle sits on 126 acres overlooking Milton Harbor, the Long Island Sound and the 18th hole of Rye Golf Club. This magnificent castle is open to the public. Its interior boasts a restaurant with intimate dining rooms, reception spaces and elegant ballrooms.

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